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Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that succeeded Windows 7 clearly offered a better experience than their predecessor did. While they were optimized to offer fast services and quick operations, their adaptability to the user’s requirements was also something that made Windows 8 price in Pakistan to rise. Windows 8.1 original price in Pakistan was not much different as it also hovered around 15,000 rupees.

It might seem costly but actually, if you look at the features of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you will agree with us that their price in Pakistan is minimal to what they actually are.

Windows 8 was the first attempt by Microsoft to launch a unified Windows for both PC users and touchscreen ones. While a few people did like this innovative touchscreen computing, mostly PC users were not that happy as now they could not find their required apps easily and needed time to search for them.

Microsoft responded well with Windows 8.1 update that cleared some of the annoyances and added some new features. These new features have not only improved Windows 8 but have also added to the legitimacy of Windows 8.1 price in Pakistan. Let us look at what Microsoft has to offer.

Back with the start button:

What Windows 8 was not liked for was the absence of a start button. As it was aimed to work efficiently for both touchscreen users so start button was absent in it. However, this was something the PC users did not like at all, as they needed to point to the area where the start button used to be to access the start menu.

Windows 8.1 came back with a regular start button but did not change the tiled menu for touchscreen users. However, if you still want to access common startup functions without going through a list of tiles, just right click on the start icon and you will be able to access control panel, task manager and the choice of shut down or restart the system.

Boot options:

In Windows 8, the users usually had a lot of complaints about it booting into a tile-based start screen menu, unlike the regular desktop. While it was a great feature for touchscreen users, PC users found it annoying.

Owing to it, Windows 8.1 came with an alternative solution. You will boot into the regular desktop while the tile-based start screen will be just a click away. This added customized support has benefitted the Windows 8 price in Pakistan as well as abroad.

Customized Lock screen and Start screen:

Microsoft has added many new features and access shortcuts to the lock screen in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Now the user will have the authority to take photos and even answer Skype calls while the device is still locked.

In addition, the user can pull as many images and pictures from local disks or other drives’ galleries, which has turned the lock screen into a virtual photo gallery. Similarly, many extra themes and background colors have been added to the Start screen menu.

A new feel to the Xbox Music:

Every Windows user really wished the Xbox feature of Windows 8 to be improved. It was simply great as it offered the user access to about 50 million online tracks free. It also allowed them to create and manage their own playlists and to stream them as desired. However, the only troubling feature was the confusing interface as the users found it difficult to switch between songs and playlists.

Windows 8.1 did cover this shortcoming by providing a more explicit design and an easy interface to let the user navigate as desired.

Improved search features:

Windows 8 does not offer that great of a search as it only displays apps in the query results. However, Windows 8.1 improved on this one and now its search queries will result in all apps, local files, and settings. On the whole, this feature has worked significantly after it was launched for official Windows 8.1 price in Pakistan. Whether be it the mouse users or the keyboard users, it works equally well for both.

Windows Store:

The Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 store is unique in a sense that it has a very clean and easy to navigate UI. It has larger sized images of apps that have the ability to get auto-updated while you are busy with your work. You can toggle between these settings but still, it is highly recommended that you go on with the automated updates. You will be notified when an app is updated in the background. It means an updated and optimized performance on the go!

SkyDrive Storage integration:

One of the most lovable features of Windows 8 that truly accounts for its original price in Pakistan is its extensive SkyDrive integration. You can just backup or store all your files on SkyDrive while your PC will always have full storage capacity. It will be readily integrated into your explorer and all your data will be auto-synced on it. You will be prompted to integrate SkyDrive when you set up Windows. However, you can always toggle it on or off and can also change its settings.

And the best part is, you can easily access it by just a click on the icon on the desktop.

3D Printing:

What is really cool about Microsoft Windows 8.1?
It is the 3D printing support thanks to the 3D printing API that now allows you to directly print 3D objects using 3D printers from the Charms bar! It means now you can design and experiment with cool 3D printed objects by using your own system. Believe me, it can be profitable too! You see how Windows 8 price in Pakistan is paid!

In short, when you are looking to buy Windows 8 in Pakistan or go for its upgraded version Windows 8.1, it does not matter what the price of Windows 8.1 is.Windows 10 price in Pakistan is little different than Windows 8.1.
What really does matter is a long list of Windows features that we have enlisted for you to know and enjoy!

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