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Windows 7 is one of the most used windows in Pakistan as well as abroad. Windows 7 price In Pakistan is not only affordable but it is also loved by users due to easy navigation and user-friendly features.

Before we look on to the features that make windows 7 price legit, let me tell you the windows 7 can’t be called an upgrade to Windows Vista as it is a whole new version technically.

Windows 7- The fastest and most responsive

Although Vista was considered to be the godfather of speed over XP, Windows 7 crossed all the benchmarks set by Vista by an overwhelming margin. Even Vista at its best with pumped hardware couldn’t match with the speed of Windows 7.

It obviously means faster boot timing and fast loading files and folders. Microsoft has also improved considerably on the factor of responsiveness as they made the desktop features as well as the start menu extremely responsive in Windows 7.

Program compatibility

Windows 7 has far better compatibility on all the programs and applications unlike its predecessor Vista which couldn’t support a few of the applications.

However, in case of Windows 7 Microsoft has ensured that it supports all existing file formats and application extensions. That is also one of the reasons why it is quite well-known among its users.

Lower hardware requirements

Vista was one of the heaviest Windows ever developed by Microsoft. It could easily ruin even a high capacity hardware. So ultimately all system programs of Vista were just pathetic in their working.

However, Windows 7 was programmed to work even on low-end hardware without much interruptions. Its system software are also made to work at ease even at lower storage and boot rates.

Search results and better organization

Search tool was never any better before Windows 7. Just as in Mac Spotlight feature, once you type a search query, the search tool of windows 7 keeps on offering suggestions regarding it, all neatly organized in terms of files, folders, applications or system apps. This kind of search tool saves time and has also worked very well to make the case sensitive searching better.

From the organizational hierarchy point of view, Windows 7 has been introduced alongside the feature of Libraries where you can add custom Libraries as “My Documents” at your own wish. So, you don’t need to stuff all your files in a single folder!

Powerful Taskbar and start menu

The task bar of Widows 7 may seem to be roughly the same as the one of windows Vista. However, with the help of aero technology, Microsoft has made it a lot more powerful as well easy to comprehend.

The taskbar icons are now larger and are grouped together neatly for easier navigation. Multiple program windows won’t be appearing as an irritating long list but will be shown as a stack on the taskbar. Point the stack with the mouse and you will get access to all the windows instantly.

The right-click has also improved a lot. Now doing it will give you access to the recent documents as well as the ability to pin apps on to the taskbar.

Similarly, there is an arrow with each application in the start menu too. It expands to give you access to all the recent documents you have been working on. You can pin any of the applications on the list as per your own choice.

Aero Shake feature

Among all the visual features of Windows 7, Aero shake is definitely the coolest. And I personally believe that original windows 7 price in Pakistan can all be accounted for this feature! Though it’s not true as Windows 7 has much more to offer.

If you have a number of windows opened at a time and you just want to work on one of them while not paying attention to any other, just grab the title bar with a click and shake the mouse. All other windows will get closed and you’ll be left with the one you want to work on.


Sometimes it does happen that you have so much to do on your PC and you just can’t figure it out. In such cases, we advise you to try the Stacking feature of Windows 7 which allows you to drag a window to the side if the screen where it will stick.

Now all you have to do is; Keep on stacking other windows on top of it when required making it easy to view your work on the go. Grab any window and move it to the top; You’ll get a maximized view of it.

Gamma curve

You can refer to gamma curve as a free monitor update. This feature effectively calibrates the display of your screens and it is simple enough to be enables. Especially if you have to sit in front of screens all day, go through the gamma curve feature as it will just take a few minutes and you’ll get optimized and soothing visuals afterwards.

Touch capability

Touch compatibility of Windows 7 is by far the most loved as well as priced feature that surely adds up to the original windows 7 ultimate price in Pakistan. All of the users who will have touch enabled on your PCs will get this awesome feature where they will experience a whole new way of communicating with the system.

You will have the authority to use task bar, zoom and rotate window screens and a lot more by this touch capability. In short, your PC will turn to be a tablet on the move for you!

Buy Window 7 in Pakistan:

While all of these features make the Windows 7 price in Pakistan a lot more legit, we firmly believe that there are a lot more features too which you wouldn’t have known. So, this is what the official Windows 7 price in Pakistan that is around 13,000 is quite reasonable.We also recommend that you buy Windows 10.

Just give it a try!

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