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Windows 10 Price in Pakistan

Windows 10 is by far one of the most demanded as well as loved windows by customers worldwide. But have you considered how can you buy Windows 10 in Pakistan? Or what is Windows 10 price in Pakistan?

Before we take you to that, let’s take a close look at the features of Windows 10 that make it the best Windows for PC as well as a laptop!

Regular Start menu

One of the features of Windows 10 that has provided the most ease to its users is the old start menu that was replaced by the new tiles start menu as in Windows 8 and 8.1. This start menu makes it much easier to find your required programs. This is because it has larger regular app icons that too in a soothing order.

The start menu has a folder based layout on the left side and searches based results on the right-hand side. You can just search for whatever you wish and see the results on the go. “All apps” option is still there where all apps have been arranged in alphabetical order for you!

Microsoft Edge overtakes Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is overwhelmingly considered as a sick browser which has the slowest experience on almost all devices. That’s why users normally use Chrome, Firefox or other browsers. However, in Window 10, Microsoft has tried to bounce back by replacing the sloppy internet explorer with a faster Microsoft Edge browser for its users. It is also expected that Microsoft will update it with extensions too to make it compatible with chrome. It seems to be worth a shot especially if you want to buy windows 10 in Pakistan.

You Can Now Add Multiple Desktops

An operating system like windows means you can easily toggle between multiple windows of various apps one at a time. However, Windows 10 has taken it even further in terms of ease for its customers and has provided the option to create multiple desktops and has managed it quite effectively.

By pressing Win+Tab you can easily toggle between previously created desktops. You can also access as many windows in them as possible and have the liberty to create as many desktops as possible. While this might not interest an average user but will definitely attract tech-savvy people to practice it.

Central Notification Center

It is the first time Microsoft has come up with a central notification system for its users, like other operating systems such as Android, iOS, OSX or Ubuntu. You can access this central notification area wither by clicking notification tray area or by pressing win+A to see your notifications from all apps.

This notifications tray also enables access for you to various other important features such as Windows 10 settings, location settings, quiet mode settings and VPN settings to name a few. If you have a device with a touchscreen as well, this notification tray allows you to easily toggle between desktop and tablet modes in no time.

Snap Assist Features

As all the apps in the windows you have created run in the windows on the desktop, so you can’t possibly drag them to the top left corner and get a split view. Instead, you need to drag all the windows to separate corners of the screen which will give you a kind of similar Snap view.

You can use all four corners of your screen and assign them each window. The space left in between or behind during snapping will show thumbnails of snapped windows to get a better view of how to snap next window into its place.

Continuum Feature

Windows 10 comes with a completely new look when you toggle between the computer and tablet mode in a touchscreen PC. You can do so by removing the keyboard or by folding it. You will ultimately have a home screen without the typical taskbar. Instead, you will be experiencing a single windows button which will eventually open a full-screen start menu. You will also have a back button to go to the previous window and a separate button to switch between various task windows.

You will have exactly the same experience as you are using a PC supported by universal apps, custom start screen, and a task switcher button to toggle between windows. You can also enjoy two windows on a screen at a time by dragging the windows around.

Paint 3D

What is almost too awesome to believe about windows 10 is the 3D paint feature that it has been installed with. With the help of awesome sliders and supported windows tools, you can easily show a 3D image on a 2D screen even with minimalist details. 3D paint app comes with a vast collection of pre-loaded creation templates including some commonly used images and objects that you can just drag and drop to use. Later on, you can relocate them minimally to make it look more real and attractive as well.


Cortana is simply the key for you to manage all your apps and windows in use on a single platform. Windows 10 has been installed with Cortana which has the ability to eat your work to the lowest possible level. For example, Cortana can read your emails and can easily make subsequent reminders on the basis of what the text is. This kind of support is provided by complexly coded artificial intelligence.

And guess what, Cortana can even perform after rebooting which means everything stays safe and organized.

Windows 10 price in Pakistan

If you have windows 8 or 8.1 installed on your PC and you have bought it previously, you can just get Windows 10 for free by upgrading to it in the first year. However, if you don’t have it with you, then you’ll need to buy it to be used.

In Pakistan, windows 10 is available on various platforms with prices ranging from 12,000 rupees to 15,000 rupees which are quite satisfactory provided that Windows 10 is the most feature enriched window ever made by Microsoft!.You can also buy Microsoft Office 2016 Cheap in Pakistan from our website.

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