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You might be thinking of upgrading Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office 2013. Well, we suggest it is a great option. What you need to know is that how you can buy Microsoft Office 2013 in Pakistan. Also, you need to determine and wisely look for the lowest Microsoft Office 2013 price in Pakistan.

Microsoft Office 2013 Price in Pakistan

This is all the bargaining and pricing arena. Do you exactly know what you are going to get from Microsoft Office 2013 update? Go through the article and you will see how you are going to be benefitted by Microsoft Office 2013 in your daily tasks.

1.Modern Style User Interface

Just as you have sleek designing and better UI experiences in other Microsoft products such as Windows 8 in 2013, Microsoft Office 2013 also comes up with a modern look. It is now with an innovating flat and minimalist look just as you might have noticed in Windows 8.

You won’t be having any colored icons or shortcut objects, nor will you have any pop-ups that were quite irritating in previous versions. It means you can now focus on your work and won’t be distracted ever!

The icons are not 3D now nor they have decorating edges and shadows. Simplicity at its best is how you can define Microsoft Office 2013.

2.Multi-colored start design

Office 2013 has a separate color for each of its apps. These colors appear on the app start screen as well as the icons of their saved files. For instance, the blue color is for Word, orange for PowerPoint, green for Publisher and Excel too. While most users opt for creating a blank document and then customizing it as desired, they also have the freedom to select available templates for various tasks such as letters, newsletters, animated slides etc.

Hence the users have different options to design the documents, as they desire that is provided by Microsoft Office 2013.

3.SkyDrive Integration

Microsoft Office 2013 has also the feature to integrate with the cloud like with SkyDrive and particularly, with SharePoint. And this can benefit the users in the way that if you are working on a document, worksheet or presentation and are saving it online in order to access it anywhere you want to.

Office 2013 gives you the option to use SkyDrive for anywhere access. Having a better option, still, there are small businesses that store their works locally.

The SkyDrive users have an account whose details will be available in the left top corner of the screen. The saved work by default will be present to your SkyDrive or SharePoint account, which you can store on your disk or somewhere you want.

4.Syncing Across Devices

Saving your documents, done on Office 2013, benefits you to access them from anywhere you want i.e. from another device through the Web Applications and Office 2013 on other computer or even on a tablet anytime you desire to.

Moreover, you can have the upgraded version of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, having a new style and color coding.

Office 2013 saves and tracks your last work as well as the location and time as if last time when the file was opened. If you worked on Office document on a pc, you can easily get the document back from the pc you worked on before and continue your left off work on the other device as long as you are using Office 2013.

5.Touchscreen use

The new features of Office 2013 have made its use easier for the users for the touchscreen devices like the smartphones, tablets, iPads and the touchscreen laptops. For instances, you can easily move your documents in Word 2013 or scroll through it by simply swiping it horizontally in new Read mode, which opens it in reading view.

Additionally, each application of Office 2013 has a Touch Mode button on the Quick Access Toolbar, which makes easier to navigate through the pages with the fingers.

Beside many helpful and useful features of Microsoft Office for touchscreen devices, this feature is still unpredictable. For its various features, there are gestures like tapping, stretching, sliding, pinching and swiping etc. But it will be hectic for the user working on a device having 24-inch touchscreen monitor or less as the icons like text formatting and other icons are small enough on it to use appropriately. Therefore Office 2013 is not on the small touchscreen devices as friendly as on the desktops, laptops and other large screen devices.

Anyhow, the new Read Mode in Word is appreciating as the user can move on their desired page by easily navigating horizontally with the fingers. It is just another feature that adds to the price of Microsoft Office 2013.

6.PDF Editing

Before only Word document was directly editable and convertible to PDF file whereas the vice versa wasn’t true, but the vice versa was feasible only if the PDF file is converted into Doc or DocX format and then edited.

The new Word of Microsoft Office 2013 provides not only a friendly environment of opening the PDF files, but also saving them back in the desired format as either PDFs or DocX.

The user can have all the elements and structure of the PDF file present inside the Word file such as the tables, graphs, pictures, and texts.

This feature gives a big reason for the user to have Office 2013 as they can easily open a PDF without converting it into another format and start working.

7.Formatting Task Panes in PowerPoint

One of the best application of Office 2013 is PowerPoint with many formatting options making the presentations a hundred times for interesting as you can format images, shapes, and other objects. Just having the right click on the image and selecting your options on the Task Panes, you can have many features of formatting it the way you want.

And not only images, various interesting formatting is also available for the objects too, which is available in PowerPoint.

This new task pane, which gives many formatting options to the user, is easily accessible in PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office 2013 price in Pakistan is just next to nothing in light of these features. If you really wish to buy it and want all your tasks done systematically, you should not care much about the price.

We also recommend that you buy Microsoft Office 2016 from our website because it comes with latest features.Microsoft Office works flawlessly on Windows 10.

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