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MS office is a set of one of the most powerful tools ever created. It provides the user complete authority to get a day to day tasks done and stay updated with new functions as well. All you have to do is to sign in with your office id and you’ll get access to a complete set of most up-to-date Office applications that too are enriched with enhanced features each day.
Microsoft has launched many updates over the years making the software and user experience better and better. However, each update comes with a new price and Microsoft Office 2016 price in Pakistan is just around 13,000 rupees.
Microsoft Office comes with a huge list of applications each serving a different purpose in a systematic manner. Let’s take a look at them and see what Microsoft Office 2016 has to offer.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2016 is a wonderfully designed specialized tool for word processing on the go. While it inherits many features from its earlier versions, Microsoft Word 2016 has come up with some very interesting features too in terms of what Microsoft office 2016 price in Pakistan is. Microsoft Word 2016 is installed with the “research” feature that provides you loads of quality and credible content to quote from as sources when you are writing thesis and dissertations.
Another very interesting feature is “Editor” which intelligently takes into account what you are writing and corrects our mistakes. Though this feature was present even in earlier versions, Editor of Microsoft Word 2016 is unique in a sense that it also notifies and corrects your mistakes in writing style.

Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet program with countless features including calculation, macro programming language support for both Windows and Mac, graphing tools and pivot tables. Microsoft Excel is one of the most feature enriched of all the Microsoft Office 2016 tools.
Microsoft Excel 2016 is an advanced tool that has many updated features as “Tell me what to do” which has been installed to assist the user in finding the right functions for the right tasks. Then there is a feature known as forecasting which enables you to predict how data will progress in future provided that you have an adequate amount of data at present.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft is a multi-feature presentation program to give a presentation using customized slides and a variety of already prepared templates. It is one of the most used tools abroad and its wide features rightly account for Microsoft Office 2016 price in Pakistan.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is distinct from its predecessors in terms of various new features. One of these is the PowerPoint Designer feature which automatically comes up with suggestions to customize and present any new item added to the slide. You can also trigger between its usages easily.

Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote is a free and lightweight program developed by Microsoft Office developers for taking notes and accounts of whatever you want to save. It can be customized as per the desire of the user and also comes up with a quick Notes feature that allows you to save the notes on the move in no time. It can also link multiple notes as tags or can be used to link words of note to the other when you want some added info to be imported. This kind of linking helps you when you are thinking of a better and personalized notes-taking experience.

Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is one of the most reliable as well as customizable programs in Microsoft Office 2016 that is the sole reason why people are ready to pay the Microsoft Office 2016 price in Pakistan. Microsoft Outlook 2016 has been installed with personalized training by professionals about how to use the software. Where this software makes sure that you remain connected well enough, it also enables you to track all you want to save in your correspondences.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher 2016 is a wonderful tool for designing and publishing and designing book covers, banners, and customized graphics artifacts. The Microsoft Publisher has evolved superbly over the past few years and has been installed with really great features recently. It has been installed with a number of master pages that give you full command over your designing. It also has detailed guidelines regarding each item which helps you to learn while you work with your daily tasks.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access 2016 is a wide ranged database management program that is compatible with only windows. It allows you to create databases, and then manage them likewise as per your wish. Its usage is so widespread that it can be employed in all spheres of life to record and manage data. Microsoft Access can also host database management programs made by third party coded software which gives it an upper hand over all others.

Microsoft InfoPath

Making, designing and submitting electronic forms has never been as easy before as it is after Microsoft InfoPath is installed. It is a highly dynamic and powerful tool to design online forms and record the responses as well. Its usage is widespread as it can be employed for data collection, online marketing, customer reviews, and surveys.

Microsoft Office 2016 Price in Pakistan:

All of these Microsoft Office 2016 software and tools and much more are available to you only for 13,000 rupees in Pakistan. If you carefully analyze what these tools are offering, what your requirements are and what may be the outcomes of using these tools in an effective manner, you will be able to understand that Microsoft Office 2016 price in Pakistan is next to none.
If you really want to grow your business as well as want to take control of your tasks and perform them in an organized fashion, we will advise you to buy Microsoft Office 2016 straightaway with all its features and added support. It will surely be a worthwhile experience and a valuable addition to your thriving business.We recommend that you buy Windows 10 because Microsoft Office 2016 works on Windows 10 flawless.

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